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The natural aloe vera gel Gran Aloe is 99.8% pure and fresh content extracted from the inside of the aloe vera leaves, which with a cold pressing process guarantees the conservation of all nutrients and properties.

Gran Aloe cold gel uses a combination of plants, essential oils and elements from nature for a cold effect on the affected area, in a way that minimizes pain, inflammation, helps improve circulation and reduces discomfort in bones and muscles derived from age, exercise, over exertion, a blow or injury and tired legs.

This pack contains

Pure Aloe Vera Gel
x 1
Cold Gel Format-100ml
x 1

The pure Gran Aloe gels are made after selecting and cutting by hand and one by one the leaves, which have been grown in the Canary Islands, and which contain up to 75 substances beneficial to health, with vitamins, minerals, proteins, anthraquinones, monosaccharides, polysaccharides, plant sterols enzymes, in addition to 19 of the 21 essential amino acids for the body.

Made in a 100% natural and ecological way, the natural aloe vera gel Gran Aloe is recommended for the treatment of skin conditions, since it helps to eliminate bacteria and purifies pores. The extra nutrients it contains serves to reinforce skin health on the surface and in the deepest layers.

Its disinfecting and anti-inflammatory power make aloe vera a natural remedy for burns, herpes, eczema, psoriasis, fungi, dandruff and seborrheic alopecia of the scalp. In addition, it stimulates cell production and tissue regeneration, thus minimizing scars, wrinkles, grooves and blemishes and is effective in treating stretch marks.

The cold aloe vera gel Gran Aloe is one of the only products on the market that does not use any chemical or industrial component in its formula, free of artificial colors and aromas, taking advantage of the healing power of plants to act on muscle or joint discomfort.

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