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Cold Gel & Natural Soap Pack


Special pack for skin care, combining cold gel and artisan soap, two of Gran Aloe's star products. Made by hand, without chemicals and made with a formula based on natural ingredients.

This pack contains

Natural soap Format-65g
x 1
Cold Gel Format-100ml
x 1

Gran Aloe cold gel is a combination of plants, essential oils and elements of nature to generate a cold effect on the affected area, with power to minimize pain, inflammation, and help circulation. Thanks to its concentrate of natural assets, it reduces the discomfort in bones and muscles derived from age, exercise, over exertion, a blow or injury and tired legs, among other conditions.

On the other hand, the natural aloe vera Gran Aloe soap contains all the properties and nutrients of the plant in a 100% artisan product, in-depth cleanser, free of chemical substances, hypoallergenic and with the properties of aloe vera as a cell regenerator and cleaner from the deep layers of the skin, minimizing impurities and removing excess oil from the pores.

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