Pure Aloe & Honey drinkable


Pure aloe vera with honey for drinking brings together two of the organic crops of the family of artisans Gran Aloe in the same product, combining the properties and benefits of aloe vera with the sweet taste of natural honey, which counteracts the characteristic bitter taste of lilaceae, family to which aloe vera belongs.


Indicated to drink daily in doses of between 20 and 25 milliliters, the juice contains all the nutrients of the ancient and healing plant of aloe vera, with high levels of minerals, vitamins, amino acids and enzymes, which strengthen the immune system and help treatment from ailments, infections, heartburn, constipation, intestinal and stomach problems, ulcers and to balance sugars, chemicals and blood cholesterol levels.

The extra supply of nutrients promotes the correct functioning of the organism, serving as a reinforcement for the health of the skin at a deep and superficial level, as a natural remedy for psoriasis, dermatitis and eczema, as well as to improve strengthen the gums, enamel and eliminate the bacteria that cause bad breath.

The cold pressing of the crushed pulp of natural aloe vera allows the product to be naturally preserved for at least 12 months, with all its properties and benefits intact.


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