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Pure Aloe Vera Drinkable Pack


The pure Aloe Vera to drink Gran Aloe is 99.8% pure pulp crushed from Aloe Vera, grown organically on our farms in the Canary Islands, cold pressed to preserve all its properties and benefits, with a high contribution of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and enzymes.

This pack contains

Pure Aloe Vera drinkable Format-500ml
x 2

Daily consumption of pure aloe vera should be in doses of between 20 and 25 milliliters, and it works as an effective and natural remedy to treat ailments and conditions both internal and external, with very good results for treating stomach ulcers, intestinal problems, infections or to remove excess sugar, chemicals, and cholesterol from the blood.

The contribution of natural nutrients of aloe vera helps to strengthen the immune system, with a power of cellular regeneration in the body and that improves the health of the gums, teeth, nails and strengthens the skin at a deep level.

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